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Improving the quality, safety and value of the care you receive through the Medicare program is what the QIN-QIO Program is all about. Through the QIN-QIO program, Alliant Quality can assist you in becoming more confident about making health care decisions and taking an active role in managing your health.

As a patient, you have an important role to play in improving health care for yourself and others. When you share your concerns with your local QIN-QIO, you help us identify how the health care system can better meet the needs of other patients. Your experiences, both good and bad, give us the perspective to identify opportunities for improvement, develop solutions that address the real needs of patients, and inspire action by health professionals.
Many experts have sought to define health quality. The simplest definition comes from considering what it means for you as a patient:

  • You can access and receive the right care for your condition, in the right place, the first time.
  • Your health care providers communicate with you in ways you understand, and involve you in making decisions about your care.
  • Your care does not result in avoidable complications like infections, falls or unnecessary hospital readmissions.

For complaints, appeals, specific billing questions or questions about your claims, medical records or expenses, log into MyMedicare.gov or call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).

Resources for Patients & Families

Pain Management

Medication Management

General Resources

Quick and Easy Information About Kidneys

The National Kidney Foundation has some great tools to help understand kidneys, how important they are and how to know if they may need help. Check out this great poster!

Chronic Disease Self Management

COVID Self Care Tool Kit

Taking care of yourself when you are sick, or caring for someone else, can be difficult if you aren’t sure what the symptoms mean or what to do about them. This COVID-19 Self- Management Tool Kit may help you, your loved one or patient know when to seek additional help and comforting when things are […]


Your Kidneys and You

About 33% of adults have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) but don’t know it. Often, kidney disease is discovered a few months before dialysis is needed. If discovered early, CKD can be treated, halted and even reversed. Those with hypertension and diabetes are more likely to have CKD. The screening is done through urine testing. Jill […]

Chronic Disease Self Management

Exercise with Chronic Conditions

The National Institute of Aging is celebrating Heart Month with a list of great exercise recommendations and education for those with Chronic Conditions.

Chronic Disease Self Management

The Georgia Diabetes Coalition (GDC) presents Diabetes Education and Awareness

Find out how you can prevent and treat diabetes through lifestyle change programs using diet and exercise. Also, learn what pre-diabetes, A1C and testing numbers mean to you. Presented by partners in the Healthcare and APEX Partners Care (HAP) Project led by Dr. Lora Battle Bailey, EdCauses, Dan Moore and the APEX Museum. This project […]

Chronic Disease Self Management

Are you part of the 33% Kidney Quiz?

33% of adults in the U.S. are at risk for kidney disease, but most of them don’t know it. Having kidney disease also puts you at an increased risk of developing life-threatening complications from COVID-19. Take a minute to find out if you’re in the 33%. Just one minute might save your life.

Chronic Disease Self Management

Infographic Toolkit COVID/Flu/Chronic Conditions

The National Foundation for Infectious Disease has created a great toolkit of infographics for providers and patients around the effects of COVID, Influenza, or both of those with chronic conditions.

Chronic Disease Self Management

Diabetes Resources

Heart Health Resources

Quit Line Referral By State