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March 8, 2024 Management of Patients on MOUD During the Nursing Home Stay - Part 2 (Panel Discussion)

This series of webinars will provide strategies, interventions, and targeted solutions to ensure access to treatment and facilitate the continuity of care after hospital discharge. Admissions assessment & treatment, addressing stigma and naloxone training.

March 14, 2024 Nursing Home Readmission Affinity Group: Root Cause Analysis

*CE for Physicians and Nurses Available* *NAB Credits Available* SUMMARY: Have you hit a roadblock during your root cause analysis (RCA) process? Or do you want to enhance your current RCA process? If so, join our RCA Session 2 educational event, where QAPI expert Lynn Wilson, MS, will share helpful tips for RCA success using real-life examples. Missed our RCA Session 1? No problem! You are still invited to join this session. We’ll provide a brief recap to bring you up to speed, or if you prefer, you can watch the recording of our Session 1 HERE. LEARNING OBJECTIVES FOR SESSIONS 1 AND 2: 1. Define RCA and what is NOT an RCA 2. Review the seven steps of the RCA 3. Learn how to facilitate the RCA process

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Order My Medication Bag to Prevent Adverse Drug Events

Adverse drug events (ADEs) account for millions of physician office and emergency room visits every year. The My Medication Bag helps to prevent those events by giving patients a simple way to keep all their medications in one place, and all of their physicians on the same page.

*As of January 5, 2024, med bags will ONLY be shipped to organizations within the QIN-QIO regions of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Orders placed after February 1, 2024, will have a delay in shipping until further notice.


Take 5 minutes

for COVID-19 education

Healthcare workers are constantly being presented new information as the virus evolves. Our educational video series helps your team stay ahead of the latest crucial information and developments in just five minutes at a time.

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Take 5: Heartfelt Heroes - How Nursing Home Staff can Ensure a Healthy 2023 Holiday Season for Residents

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Take 5: Elevate the Festivities for Your Family - Get your Updated COVID-19 Vaccine now for a Safer Holiday Season

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What Nursing Facilities Need to Know About Managing Substance Use Disorders - Part 2

Join us as Alliant Health Solution’s Making Health Care Better podcast dives into the latest trends, innovations and challenges shaping the healthcare landscape. From discussions with industry experts to insightful interviews with healthcare professionals, each episode offers valuable insights and practical advice to navigate the complexities of healthcare. Whether you’re a healthcare provider, administrator, or […]

Alliant QIN-QIO Newsletter - February 2024

In This Issue: Register for Upcoming Events Leadership Lesson: Advice from the Frontlines Resources and Information on: COVID-19 and Emergency Preparedness  Opioid Utilization and Misuse Patient Safety Training Chronic Disease Care Coordination and Partnerships for Community Health Immunization BFAC

What Nursing Facilities Need to Know About Managing Substance Use Disorders - Part 1

As the number of older adults with chronic medical illnesses and substance use disorders and especially opioid use disorder (OUD) increases, so does the need for post–acute care services in skilled nursing facilities. Today on the Making Health Care Better podcast, we’ll chat with Dr. Swati Gaur. Dr. Gaur is Alliant Health Solution’s medical director […]

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