Leadership Lesson – September 2023: A Time for Transition and New Opportunities

August 31, 2023

This month’s leadership lesson is from Danyce Seney, Alliant Health Solutions’ nursing home co-lead.

A Time for Transition and New Opportunities

September 2023 Leadership Lesson Image
While the “Back to School” season varies around the country, September is traditionally known as back-to-school time. For students, this time of year involves transitioning to new classmates, new instructors, and new expectations. In the workplace, September can be a time when new initiatives or projects start, often postponed over the summer because of the volume of vacations and time parents take off to prepare for the start of the new school year. Those projects can also involve working with new team members, new leadership, new company or regulatory expectations.

An article from Forbes, How Going Back To The High School Days Can Make Your A Better Leader suggests that some of the decisions made in high school were the starting point for our development into the leaders we are today and the lessons learned during those years are good to keep in mind in our current positions.

  1. Humility – Remembering the struggles, growth, misunderstandings, and compromises that were necessary to develop new relationships reminds us to approach workplace interactions with a humble and understanding mindset.
  2. Authenticity – It is important in the workplace to show up as your true, unfiltered self. Authentic leaders admit when they don’t have the answers and are open to learning from others.
  3. Appreciation of Diverse Skills – Leaders should acknowledge, value, and cultivate the unique talents and abilities that each team member brings to the table. Diverse talents and skill sets drive overall success.
  4. Diverse Perspectives – Listening to other perspectives provides insight and reminds you of the importance of thinking differently.
  5. The importance of honest feedback – Encourage employees to express their thoughts and ideas freely.

Additionally, as you move through life, always take a moment to look back at the individuals who contributed to shaping the person and leader you have become.