Hospital Quality Improvement Leadership Corner: Georgia Hospital Association

January 29, 2021

As we embark on the Hospital Quality Improvement Contract (HQIC), the latest CMS quality initiative, we are once again reminded of the importance of leadership when it comes to achieving success. A talented and passionate individual can only go so far without the enthusiastic support of supervisors, managers, and directors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has added a new layer of minutia for recruiting staff for our hospitals. Not only is leadership challenged with low PPE supplies and overcrowding of COVID-19 patients, but there is also a lack of appropriate staff to care for the patients. On top of all that, our hospital leaders must manage the logistics and hurdles of vaccine distribution. Despite these challenges, we are asking them to join the HQIC with the hope of ameliorating some of the difficulties experienced by our hospitals and their staff. We are fortunate to have a successful working relationship with our hospitals and leadership teams. By working together, we can overcome the hardships of this pandemic and ensure a healthy and safe environment for our hospitals, staff, patients, GHA (Georgia Hospital Association), and Alliant Quality. 

After a hospital is recruited to HQIC, GHA conducts an initial assessment to help us determine that hospital’s successes as well as opportunities for improvement. Leadership team members are invited to join the initial assessment and provide feedback and information to help us plan for future education and process improvement projects. If leadership is not able to participate in the initial assessment, they are welcome to contact GHA at a later date.

We appreciate the support of leadership and look forward to working with our hospitals over the next four years to decrease harm and improve the quality of care.

Kathy McGowan, MPH
VP, Quality & Patient Safety
Georgia Hospital Association