ESRD CLAS Facility Self-Assessment

The following questions are designed to help your facility identify challenges and goals when implementing the Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) standards.

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1. Does your facility recruit, retain, and promote staff that reflects the cultural diversity of the community? (CLAS Standard 3)

2. Does your facility have written policies and procedures that support recruitment, retention, training and promotion practices? (CLAS Standard 2)

3. Do facility staff members at all levels and disciplines receive training in culturally- and linguistically-appropriate service delivery? (CLAS Standard 4) Check ALL that apply. (Press & hold Control key to select more than one value).

4. Does your facility provide timely professional interpreter services, at no cost, to all Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients, including those clients who use American Sign Language? (CLAS Standard 5)

5. Do all LEP or Deaf / Hard of Hearing clients receive verbal and written notices about their right to language assistance services? (CLAS Standard 6) Check ALL that apply. (Press & hold Control key to select more than one value).

6. Are Deaf / Hard of Hearing clients and clients with disabilities provided a copy of your program's Disability Access notice? (CLAS Standard 6)

7. Does your facility offer written materials in languages that target the diverse cultural groups in your service area/population? (CLAS Standard 8)

8. Does your facility clearly display images / post signage visibly that shows inclusivity for the diverse cultural groups including LGBTQ and people with disabilities in your service area/population? (CLAS Standard 8)

9. Does your facility have a plan to identify and address CLAS needs for underserved populations? (CLAS Standard 9)

10. Does your program review your written CLAS plan at least once a year to assess CLAS progress and needs? (CLAS Standard 10)

11. Does your facility collect client satisfaction data to inform culturally- and linguistically appropriate service (CLAS) delivery? (CLAS Standard 14)

12. Does your facility use Race, Ethnicity, and Language (REAL) community/service area data to help design and deliver program services? (CLAS Standard 11)

13. Does your facility use REAL patient data to help design, deliver and evaluate program services? (CLAS Standard 11)

14. Is there an area that you would identify as needing assistance implementing CLAS? If yes, please explain.