HQIC LAN – Reengineering Fall and Fall Injury Programs | June 27, 2023

June 27, 2023
2pm ET | 1pm CT
for Hospital/Pharmacy/Home Health Staff

This webinar is designed to increase national and international awareness and importance of fall prevention, and, specifically to provide guidance and resources to clinical, administrative, quality
and safety improvement professionals to add precision to the design, redesign and strategic plan.

Participants will learn how to improve program infrastructure, capacity and sustainability. They will also be challenged to reconsider aggregated fall rates as a measure of program effectiveness and inspired to clinically relevant measures of success. Every healthcare organization’s healthcare team knows that fall and injury prevention programs are essential patient safety programs. However, many organizations struggle with structures and processes that remain dependent on universal fall precautions applied to all populations. For almost 10 years, national guidelines have shifted away from over reliance on universal fall precautions replaced by individualized, population-specific fall and injury prevention management.

1. Integrate program evaluation and implementation science
2. Discuss essential elements and guidelines for fall and injury prevention programs
3. Examine expected fall and fall injury program attributes
4. Identify opportunities to enhance fall and fall with injury prevention program infrastructure, capacity and how to sustain improvements

Fall and fall injury prevention program leaders, clinicians, educators, patient safety staff, quality improvement professionals, support teams, administrators, case managers and more.