Standards For Adult Immunization Practices

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COVID-19 Vaccination and Therapeutics in PALTC Toolkit: Resources for Clinicians

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Standards for Adult Immunization Practices

Every year, thousands of adults in the United States become seriously ill or hospitalized with vaccine-preventable diseases. Prior to the pandemic, senior vaccine rates in the United States were low. Routine immunizations dropped during the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing the need for effective immunization campaigns.

CMS contracted with Alliant Health Solutions to partner with health care providers and community organizations to increase immunization rates. Our webpage and resources align with the CDC Standards for Adult Immunization strategies: Assess, Recommend, Administer and Document. 

In addition to the resources and links provided on this webpage, we offer individualized support to assist you with quality improvement initiatives designed to strengthen your organization’s immunization processes and increase immunization rates. 

For one-on-one coaching support, contact and visit our Events page for upcoming events and opportunities to join our immunization affinity group. 

A quick self-assessment of key processes can help identify opportunities for improvement. Download the Immunization Processes Self-Assessment for your organization type below. In addition, a two-minute bite-size learning video overview of the self-assessment tools and resources is available below.