AHS Podcast Episode 36: Managing Stress to Prevent Burnout

September 23, 2021
As we continue to navigate an ongoing pandemic, COVID-19 and dealing with all of the change associated with the virus has been stressful for many. Healthcare staff have been traumatized by what they are seeing and experiencing as well as experiencing burnout. Children have had to adjust to a new way to attend school and then manage to remain safe as they returned to school. Families and friends have had to adjust to how they socially interact, travel and attend events. All of these changes can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in both adults and children. Tune in to this Throwback Thursday episode as Alliant’s program manager, Stacy Hull, LPC, MAC, CPCS shares how COVID-19 has contributed to the increase of people experiencing burnout and trauma and how people can cope and get help.
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