AHS Podcast Episode 35: The Journey from Vaccine Hesitancy to Acceptance as a Practicing Physician

September 9, 2021


Dianne Bennett JohnsonAccording to an article in Forbes, the unvaccinated include nearly 1 in 3 workers at the nation’s 50 largest hospitals. Reasons cited include uncertainty over safety, preference for physiological immunity, distrust of government and health organizations, and autonomy/personal freedom. Monthly survey data gathered through Facebook suggests that vaccine hesitancy ranges from 9% among pharmacists to 20%-23% among nursing aides and emergency medical technicians. About 1 out of 8 registered nurses and doctors hesitate to get a COVID vaccine. Meet Dr. Dianne Bennett-Johnson. She is Alliant’s medical director of medical management services and also a practicing physician who initially had vaccine hesitancy, but ended up getting the vaccine. Join us as she shares her journey from vaccine hesitancy to vaccine acceptance.

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