Recognizing and Reducing Stigma in Clinical Documentation

September 27, 2023
2pm ET | 1pm CT

This session will focus on the stigma of substance use/substance use disorder in clinical notes. There will be a brief overview of stigma and its impact on quality of care. In addition, we will discuss how substance use is often stigmatized in clinical documentation and provide helpful tips on how to use less stigmatizing language and promote harm-reduction practices. We will also share additional resources to help reduce stigma in language.

Clinician or Physician, Community Member, Hospital/Pharmacy/Home Health Staff and Long-Term Care Facility.

1. Define stigma and identify its negative impact on patient outcomes.
2. Identify manifestations of stigma in clinical documentation.
3. Identify how to use less stigmatizing and harm-reduction language in clinical documentation.
4. Identify additional resources to reduce stigma and improve patient services for individuals who use substances.