Pain Management: What’s New?

July 19, 2023
2pm ET | 1pm CT

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released an update to the pain management guidelines in response to the backlash from the original 2016 release. This presentation will review how these guidelines are formed, what has changed, and why. We will also discuss medications that have newly come to the market in the past three years, as well as drugs scheduled for FDA review all with pain or opioid use disorder indications. This presentation is designed to provide a timely update for what is new in managing pain.

Target Audience:
Clinician or Physician, Community Member, Hospital/Pharmacy/Home Health Staff and Long-Term Care Facility


  1. Review the 2022 CDC guideline update on chronic pain management
  2. Summarize guideline changes and relevance to pharmacy practice
  3. Examine newly approved medications for the treatment of pain such as Seglentis, Dsuvia, and Olinvyk
  4. Discuss what is ahead in new drug development to prepare the pharmacist for the next phase of the opioid epidemic