February 2024 NHSN Shop Talk

February 15, 2024
2pm ET | 1pm CT
Provider Friendly
for Long-Term-Care Facilities


Join the monthly Shop Talk sessions hosted by the Alliant patient safety team. Attendees will receive updates on the NHSN database and CMS requirements.

This month, we will discuss new updates to NHSN reporting and annual influenza vaccination reporting. We will also conduct a live question-and-answer session to help with your immediate needs. Submitting data accurately into NHSN will help you more confidently plan your risk assessments and quality improvement initiatives.

Following This Activity, Learners Will Be Able To:
1. Accurately and timely report COVID-19 vaccination data and optional reporting of influenza and RSV vaccination data of residents and health care personnel (HCP) through the Long-Term Care Facility Component.
2. Accurately and timely report the annual HCP influenza vaccination summary data through the NHSN Healthcare Personnel Safety (HPS) Component.