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Ensuring High Quality UTI Surveillance Data: Bite-Sized Learning

This bite-sized learning video is intended for infection preventionists in the long-term care facility setting. This video describes steps to guide enhanced understanding of facility UTI surveillance data and highlights resources to support facility UTI surveillance and infection prevention and control initiatives.

Implementing UTI Surveillance: Bite-Sized Learning Video

This video is intend to support infection preventionists in nursing facilities. This video describes the importance of urinary tract infection surveillance and explains steps to implement UTI surveillance as part of a facility infection prevention and control (IPC) program.

Patient Safety

HAI Surveillance Bite-Sized Learning: Revised McGeer Surveillance Checklist Tool

This bite-sized learning video will demonstrate how to find healthcare-associated infections (HAI) surveillance resources on the Alliant Health Solutions website; explain the difference between surveillance definitions and clinical diagnoses; introduce the Revised McGeer Criteria Surveillance Checklist to guide identification of HAIs; and provide an example *case study) of how the tool can be used to […]