Patient Services Overview

Network 8 is the End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) organization serving the states of Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. Our office is in the greater Jackson MS area, and we work with dialysis facilities in all three states to promote quality of care. We promote quality of care by:

  • Providing educational materials.
  • Encouraging each patient to be evaluated for the treatment method that is right for you, especially if that method is transplantation.
  • Giving your facility staff information and assisting them with projects to improve patient’s quality of care and quality of life.
  • Helping you to resolve concerns about your care. Patients with concerns may either seek help with their complaints through their facility grievance process or by contacting Network 8 at 1-877-936-9260 and asking to speak to the Patient Services Coordinator.

We work cooperatively with the State Survey Agencies in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. These agencies visit your centers from time to time to make sure that they follow Medicare standards. They also investigate complaints in all instances in which there is believed to be a threat to the health and safety of dialysis patients. The phone numbers for patients to call to report a complaint to the State Survey Agencies are:

  • Alabama 1-800-356-9596
  • Mississippi 1-800-227-7308
  • Tennessee 1-877-287-0010

Network 8 is available to answer any technical or treatment related questions that you may have. Many answers can be found on this website, but we also encourage you to call us if you have a specific question. The types of questions that Network 8 CAN answer are:

  • Treatment related
  • Concerns about the quality of care that you are receiving
  • Questions about modalities
  • Questions about your access
  • Help with finding transient units
  • Questions about transplantation
  • Questions about dealing with ESRD in the work force
  • And other technical treatment related issues.

The types of questions that Network 8 CANNOT answer, but can lead you in the right direction to get answers to are:

  • Medicare or Social Security related – Social Security Office – 800-722-1213
  • Questions about Medicare – Medicare Hotline – 800-633-4227
  • Financial Help
  • Transportation to Dialysis