Leadership Lesson May 2021: Our Tapestry – A year later with Linda Kluge

May 3, 2021

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One year ago this month,  we were focused on the daily news of COVID-19 in our states. The reports of outbreaks, hot spots, friends struggling, and the spread in the nursing homes and communities made our hearts break.  We were trying to get a handle on what was happening, and improvement thinking was active on all fronts to make small changes to see if it would make a difference.

The fabric of our daily lives prior to COVID-19 was similar to a tapestry. It painted a good picture on one side, but when we turned the tapestry over it had strings that were frayed, and some holes needing repair. It was not a pretty picture. Major restoration and ongoing maintenance, that which we call quality improvement, was needed.  A few big gamechangers made all the difference such as creating innovative ways to work virtually, cohorting the halls of the nursing homes for infection control, receiving funding for technology to communicate with families, ramping up testing for healthcare staff, and rallying to recognize each other as heroes.

Looking at us today, we are getting vaccinated, we are now more aware of mental health needs, living in harmony in our homes and towns, caring for those around us with more person-centered approaches as we listen and learn to do better.

We are stronger this May than ever before as we celebrate others with gratitude as we honor many upcoming observances like Older Americans Month, Nurses Day, Mother’s Day, National Skilled Nursing Care Week, and National Hospital Week.

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While we still continue to repair our tapestry and grieve for those we lost this last year, my wish for you is that with every flower that blossoms this spring, may you gaze upon them and feel an invigorating renewal of energy and joy for the days ahead.

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