AHS Podcast Episode 30: The Benefits of Transitional Care Units (TCU) at Dialysis Facilities

June 16, 2021


hemodialysis in people on the equipment

Transitional Care Units (TCUs) are designed to provide personalized education to patients with kidney failure. Whether those patients are new to dialysis, transitioning between in-center and home dialysis or returning to dialysis after transplantation, there are benefits to both patients and facilities from having a TCU program. The Advancing American Kidney Health organization has an initiative goal of having 80% of newly diagnosed patients with kidney failure receive a transplant or be on home dialysis by 2025. Studies have shown that more than 50% of patients who complete education in a TCU will choose home dialysis as their preferred modality (vs. 15% on average). Tune in as Regina Liddell, a Mississippi-based facility administrator and home program manager, shares the steps and benefits for both patients and facilities in establishing a TCU.

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