AHS Podcast Episode 18 – The Top 5 Things Providers Can Do to Improve Behavioral Health Services to Youth in Foster Care

December 31, 2020

In 2019, there were 423,997 children in foster care, with the average age of the child being 8 years old.  Although they make up only 3% of the Medicaid population under age 18, children in foster care account for 32% of the recipients of behavioral health care services in this age group and it is estimated that nearly 80 percent of these children suffer from a significant mental health concern. As a result of these increased mental health issues, youth in foster care are often prescribed psychotropic medications at a much higher rate than youth who are not in foster care. The providers often face challenges in managing those cases. Alliant ASO provides specialized support through provider monitoring for behavioral health providers in Medicaid managed care. Tune in as the Director of Operations for Behavioral Health for Alliant Health Solutions, Angela Fero, LCSW shares the challenges providers face and the top five things they can do to improve behavioral health services to youth in foster care.

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