Network Council

The Network Council provides the mechanism for coordinated information exchange between the providers of ESRD services and the Network.  The facilities in the Network are responsible for carrying out the Network goals and objectives and adhering to the standards and criteria developed by the Medical Review Board.

The Network Council is comprised of representatives from the 22 Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) in the Texas. Members represent the providers and patients in the respective RAC area. If you are interested in serving on the Network Council, please contact Mary Albin via email at or by phone at 469-916-3801.

Patient Advisory Committee

The Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) is comprised of ESRD patients and/or caregivers to ESRD patients that represent the ethnic diversity, geographic distribution and treatment modalities of the ESRD population in Texas. Nominations are solicited from the dialysis facilities when a vacancy exists. If you are interested in serving on the PAC, please contact Debbie O’Daniel via email at debbie.o’ or by phone at 469-916-3804.