Understanding F-758: A Practical Approach to Gradual Dose Reductions (GDR) with a Definite Purpose

July 20, 2021
2pm ET | 1pm CT
for Long-Term-Care Facilities

Nursing Home residents are at higher risk for adverse drug event/side effects associated with antipsychotic medication use. Residents transitioning from acute care with dementia may have behavioral expressions of unmet needs (pain, hunger, thirst etc.) treated with an antipsychotic medication. Assessing the true cause of behavioral expressions can help avoid unnecessary antipsychotic medication use. Targeting the early Admission/Re-admission assessment of residents antipsychotic medication use works to assist clinicians with initiating acceptable and timely gradual dose reduction (GDR). A timely stepwise GDR assessment to determine if conditions can be managed by lower dose or discontinuation works hand in hand with an ability to make suitable therapy changes in order to assure resident quality care, quality of life and positive outcome.