CMS’ A3C Model for QIO Role: Assess (Complement, Coordinate, Create)

(not mutually exclusive but provides the QIO with primary focus and opportunity to provide unique impact)

A: Assess the state’s landscape for health quality and safety, existence of ongoing initiatives for quality improvement, and network of federal, state, local and private entities driving quality improvement.

C: What is the QIO’s unique Complementary role?

Study the whole environment of quality improvement in healthcare, and work to develop new partnerships that complement existing effective models.  This will eliminate duplication of services, andfocus QIO resources where the QIO can make the most impact through complementary and supportive actions.

C: What is the QIO’s unique role in Coordinating the work of stakeholders and partners in the community?

CMS, through the QIO program, is in a unique position in the US health care system to serve as one of the most effective coordinators of Quality Improvement methodologies (including payment and regulation) in the coming transformation of health care in the US.

C: What is the QIO’s unique role in Creating new QI initiatives where gaps exist?

If the environmental scan reveals gaps in quality, and there are no effective opportunities to complement or coordinate efforts, CMS, through the QIO program, has the ability to create and test new improvement initiatives to meet the improvement needs of the community and providers.